City of Ships


Today I will be reviewing City of Ships. I can not identify what kind of cheese this is but it seems to air on the side of a lightly aged gouda. This may be hard for some readers to  get because to the best of my knowledge it is only available in Maine. City of Ships refers to the town of Bath, Maine USA witch is home to a large boatyard where military ships are manufactured. I attained this cheese at Rising Tide witch is a Co-Op in Damricotta, Maine


Rating: ****

Type of milk: Cows

Made in: Bath, Maine


rennet dilemma

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Have you ever tried to make cheese? I know I have. One of the hardest parts of making cheese is finding the ingredients. This is probably because I can not find one store that stocks freaking rennet.

Rennet is extracted from the stomach of certain animals. (Yuck.) Vegetarians use a substitute made out of plant extract. But for regular cheese, apparently Trader Joe’s doesn’t want something that says: “Yummy Yummy Pig Extract” – wait, then why do they stock lard? Guess there’s only one answer for that: Paula Deen.



Cheese tips


*ask to sample cheese before buying
*bring to room temperature before serving
*store in Tupperware when not being served
*ask if it’s made with cow, sheep, or goat milk. it may change the taste
*know how aged the cheese is as it may drastically affect its taste
*weird farmer’s market cheese may be good so try the strange local stuff
*know if rinds are edible

prima donna

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When I first tried this cheese I thought it was a gouda no a parmesan no a gouda I read the label and it said it was a “maturo cheese.” Go figure. it tastes like a sharp gouda with a after taste that some would call stale. I personally don’t think its stale.

rating: * * * *
made in:  Holland

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trader joe’s shredded parm


I started this review thinking: “oh shredded cheese, I’ll need something to put it on.” but it turns out you just take a hand full of the stuff and stuff it down your pie hole. I know I have never reviewed a shredded cheese before but this is all I had in the fridge. on the package it says: “at least 10 month old parm” I estimated that it is about 11 months old but it is yet to obtain the hard parmesany taste to it.

made in: ???

rating: * * * *

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